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Each Monday we publish the North news, our weekly newsletter, containing important school information, up and coming events, sporting fixtures if scheduled, and reminders for students and parents.

Copies of current and past editions can be downloaded from here. If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office. Alternatively, you may collect a copy from the office foyer.

4 Newsletter 9.pdf4 Newsletter 94 Newsletter 927/11/2017942 KB
4 Newsletter 8.pdf4 Newsletter 84 Newsletter 820/11/20171035 KB
4 Newsletter 7.pdf4 Newsletter 74 Newsletter 713/11/20171555 KB
4 Newsletter 6.pdf4 Newsletter 64 Newsletter 66/11/20171143 KB
Term 4 Newsletter 5.pdf4 Newsletter 5Term 4 Newsletter 530/10/20171290 KB
4 Newsletter 4.pdf4 Newsletter 44 Newsletter 423/10/20171067 KB
4 Newsletter 2.pdfNEWSLETTER 24 Newsletter 29/10/20171625 KB
Newsletter 2.pdfNewsletter issue 2Newsletter 217/07/20171132 KB
Newsletter 1.pdfNewsletter issue 1Newsletter 110/07/2017854 KB
Newsletter 10.pdfNewsletter TenNewsletter 1019/06/20171145 KB
Newsletter nine.pdfNewsletter nineNewsletter nine12/06/2017927 KB
Newsletter eight.pdfNewsletter 8Newsletter eight5/06/20171721 KB
Newsletter seven.pdfNewsletter 7Newsletter seven29/05/20171296 KB
Newsletter issue 6.pdfNewsletter issue 6Newsletter issue 625/05/20171488 KB
newsletter 9.pdfNewsletter issue 9newsletter 920/03/20171119 KB
newsletter 8.pdfNewsletter issue 8newsletter 813/03/2017626 KB
newsletter 7.pdfNewsletter issue 7newsletter 76/03/20171014 KB
newsletter 6.pdfNewsletter issue 6newsletter 627/02/20171157 KB
newsletter 5.pdfNewsletter issue 5newsletter 520/02/20171058 KB
newsletter 4.pdfNewsletter issue 4newsletter 413/02/20171210 KB
newsletter 3.pdfNewsletter issue 3newsletter 32/02/2017974 KB